Mighty Kicks Northern Colorado


Little Kicks  |  2 year old program

    Little Kicks is a high energy beginner program for 2 year olds.  In our Little Kicks program, we focus on getting kids moving, learning how to use their bodies, working on their coordination, and utilizing the body motions they need when playing soccer.  We incorporate fun and interactive games, songs, and positive encouragement to engage our Little Kicks participants in a positive and fun learning environment.  Our Little Kicks program will consist of 30 minutes of instructional time followed by a 15-minute open play.  We understand children at this age have a limited attention span and the importance of learning through play.  To maximize these developmental needs, we focus on a shorter instructional time followed by time for children to explore and learn through open play that helps them build confidence with a soccer ball.  The Little Kicks program is a parent assisted program and ask that the parents assist with their children during the program.  2 year olds are much more likely to jump in if they have their parent participating with them.

Mighty Kicks – Classic Program  | 3-5 year olds
    The Mighty Kicks Classic Program is our introductory program for 3-5 year olds of all abilities.  The Classic Program is great for children who are getting started in soccer or who are continuing to build their basic soccer skills.  This program is all about having fun and building a great foundation for each participant.   Our Classic Program is designed to develop basic soccer skills, build motor skills, coordination, self-confidence in group settings, and life skills.  Our age-specific curriculum enhances each child’s learning experience through interactive games. During the session, our focus is to keep children moving and engaged by having every child participate in our interactive games together, each with their own ball.

Mighty Kicks – Advanced Program  |  5 – 8 year olds
    The Mighty Kicks Advanced Program is the next progression in our curriculum that focuses on more advanced soccer skills and techniques while introducing competitive games and concepts to the participants.  These sessions include 30-35 minutes of practice time where we focus on a skill or technique of the day using fun and interactive activities.  The second 30-35 minutes of the session focuses on the concepts and building an understanding of the competitive side of soccer. We focus on helping our participants understand the game of soccer and gain confidence during the games.  We will play 3v3 and 4v4 games during this program, but will also be utilizing small side games that allow for the opportunity and touches on the ball to grow and better understand the game of soccer.

Success Through Character:
Our goal is to provide a lasting positive impact on all of our participants.  We strive to this by providing a fun and exciting program that builds a passion for soccer as well as an active lifestyle.  More importantly, we aim to have an all-around impact on the development of each participant.

Sports provide a great environment for kids to develop character.  However, character is not learned unless it is taught.  The Mighty Kicks Curriculum introduces positive virtues that sports can encourage.  Our quality instructors build a foundation for these important life skills by introducing, teaching, and implementing a life skill during each of our Mighty Kicks sessions.  These character development skills are built into our curriculum and can be found on our soccer balls.  We hope by introducing and teaching these character building life skills at an early age will have an impact on our participants on and off the field as they navigate through all of their childhood experiences.  

Mighty Kicks Life Skills:

  • Have Confidence
  • Respect Others
  • Positive Attitude
  • Share
  • Play Fair
  • Be Kind
  • Try Hard
  • Have Fun
  • Be Brave
  • Work Together