Mighty Kicks Northern Colorado


 Where can my child participate in Mighty Kicks?

Mighty Kicks is held at public parks, preschools, schools, and childcare centers.  Our public park programs are open to all children, but our childcare center programs are available only for children who are students at those schools.

 How can I find a park program location for my child?

To find open programs in your area, please visit: http://www.mightykicksnorthernco.net/parkprograms.cfm

 Can Mighty Kicks start a park program closer to me?

Yes! We are happy to start an open park program near you!  Reach out to NorthernCO@mightykicks.net and let us know your interest.  We run many programs in neighborhoods.  The best way to make this happen is to form a group of eight of more children who would like to participate in a Mighty Kicks season.  If you don’t have eight, still reach out! If there is an interest from one or a few individuals we can reach out to others in the neighborhood, nearby parent groups, or advertise in your area to try to find more friends to join in the fun!

 Does my child need shin guards, cleats, or any other equipment?

This depends on which session your child will be joining.
If you signed up for our classic program, your child does not need cleats or shin guards for our sessions.  They are welcome to wear them if they prefer, but these are not required.  Mighty Kicks will provide all of the equipment needed at each session. Have your child wear comfortable clothing for moving around as well as comfortable closed toe shoes.  Please bring a water bottle for your child as well.
If you signed up for our advanced program and/or 2v2 league, your child will need cleats and shin guards for our sessions. Mighty Kicks will provide any additional equipment needed at each session.  Have your child wear comfortable clothing for moving around, we will provide jerseys and any pinnies they need for games. Please bring a water bottle for your child as well.

 My child’s birthday is during the season, should I register him/her for the younger or older age group?

Every child is different, so it all depends on your child and their comfort in organized group activities.  We’re happy to discuss individual scenarios with you and give you advice based on our past experience. Email us at NorthernCO@mightykicks.net to discuss your child’s needs!

 What should my child and I expect from a Mighty Kicks session?

Our program focuses on soccer skills and overall development of your child using fun and interactive games.  The sessions vary by age group so that the sessions are developmentally appropriate. See our program descriptions http://www.mightykicksnorthernco.net/programs.cfm for information specific to your child’s session. Our goal is to have a lasting positive impact on each child in our sessions.  We also teach students one of our life skills during each session. (Have Confidence, Respect Others, Positive Attitude, Share, Play Fair, Be Kind, Try Hard, Have Fun, Be Brave, and Work Together)

 Will my child’s Mighty Kicks session be cancelled if there is inclement weather? If so, will it be rescheduled?

In the event of inclement weather, Mighty Kicks will send out a text, email, and Facebook post to announce the cancellation.  We will try to get these updates to you at least two hours before the session, but since Colorado weather does change quickly we cannot guarantee that all cancellations will have this much notice. Please be sure that you submit the best phone number and email for these alerts when you register your child for our sessions. Safety is our priority so lighting, thunder, heavy rain, heavy snow, or extreme temperatures may cause cancellations to ensure the safety and comfort of your children. Mighty Kicks will attempt to make up all missed sessions.  Typically this happens by just adding a week to the season, but in rare cases we may have to work with participants to choose a make-up day if the time change causes us to not have enough daylight for the make-up sessions.

 Can I buy a Mighty Kicks shirt or ball?

Of course!  Each child will receive a free Mighty Kicks shirt when they participate in a Mighty Kicks session with us, but you are welcome to purchase additional shirts or a Mighty Kicks ball if you would like.  Send us an email at NorthernCO@mightykicks.net to purchase!

 Does my child need to wear their Mighty Kicks shirt to each session?

We love seeing our participants enjoy their soccer shirts, but kids are not required to wear them to the session.  Participants can wear whatever they feel comfortable in to their Mighty Kicks class. We have jerseys to divide kids into teams or for games, so no specific attire is required.